A love letter to Taiwan

Dear Taiwan, I miss you. I think about you often. I’m pretty much spending almost every single day dreaming about our time together. You know, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love so quickly. It happened almost suddenly, as soon as my airplane landed from Tokyo to Taoyuan in September two years ago. 這是一個驚人的冒險。我永遠不會忘記。 It…… Continue reading A love letter to Taiwan

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Magical Cherry Blossom Adventure

Another orbit around the sun, another spring will come.  As the world awakens, the celebration begins.  Colours ignite, buds of flowers bloom. The trees regain their leaves, cherry blossoms.  The clouds shower the Earth to refresh the sleeping souls. As blades of grass reach towards the heavens.  It’s a reminder of the fragility and the beauty…… Continue reading Magical Cherry Blossom Adventure