The blank page stares back at me
but all I want to do is write about you.
I have a million words I always want to say
But can never be written out.
The empty page mocks the writer.
Who cannot conceptualize their words
Like a painter who cannot paint
A blank canvas is a white piece of paper.

So I have a million words for you
But they got lost in my throat.
They couldn’t find the lips that kiss you often
and slip into your mouth.
Maybe the words are bit more bashful.
And they couldn’t escape my tongue
that says sweet words, and whispers sweet things
into your lovely ears,
my darling.
The words on paper cannot do my voice justice.
So they hide in the silence.

My love cannot be described from afar.
I need you in my arms to keep you warm
and for me to express myself.
The water can’t get you wet
when you won’t go in.
The sun can’t warm you,
if you hide in the shade.
And I am the ocean.
I am the light.

Featured Image taken by me at the Canadian Museum of History


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