If Fishes Were Wishes

Fish, Fish
Make a wish for the halibut
little fish, little darling
before you hatch and whilst you dream
upon your bed of coral
as liquid rainbows surround you
Like lights under a sparkling starry night
Salmony colours and so many adventures await
Beneath the shining sun kissed land of heat and cold
And instead one controlled by the golden moon
Mysterious as the universe, and just as unknown
To all the creatures lurking, right next to where you sleep
In your egg, little fish, you feel safe
In your translucent dome
In a big, enormous, murky world
Just a guppy, waiting to be born
Ready for a whale of a time
Just like your many ancestors
from long ago
They are now shadows
In this dark realm
The years that have led up to this moment.
In your egg, can you feel them?
The lineage of your family
Goes back so far, even the relics
anth the oceans were young
From those same genes that once swam among
monsters in the seas
Are in your veins of liquescent fire today
Innocent to the baits of temptations
The lures of the anglers
A pure sole
Herring the siren songs of fate and density
Don’t listen to them, little fish, find your own path
Under the majestic jellyfish skies
Hook on that belief, that thought, and act.
Don’t be koi, smile.
Use your gift, Cod’s gift
which wasn’t bestowed to your uncle, Marlin.
Who paces back and forth between a glass prison
seeing his pop-eyed swollen face push right against him.
Craving a moray, desiring freedom
but lives a terribly lonely life
Digging holes in the sand, praying for an op-perch-tuna-ty.
To return to the blue crystalline waters
But no, all he can do is drown
in his madness, infinite madness…
Little fish, be brave.
Remember not to just blubber on
But to do and to act
And explore treasure troves and hidden caverns
Diving deep for pearls and gems
Of undiscovered wisdom
Now is your time to glow
As the refracted rays of light reflects the sheer scales of your beauty
The world is your oyster
Don’t fear life, or be frightened by hungry sharks
Or raging waterfalls
Or bears.
Don’t trout yourself for a moment
don’t make many anemones.
Just believe in yourself and fight for a porpoise.
You have to fillet!
Carpe Diem~

Once this little fish, this little darling hatched
All bubbly and joyful, all was going swimmingly well
Many months later
She became well-known as
a delicious, tasty
California Roll
Le fin.


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