100 Things That Make Me Happy

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada and I enjoyed my long weekend. I was able to spend time with my friends, family, and my boyfriend. I was able to stuff myself full like a turkey (although we didn’t eat turkey) with a lot of delicious food. Later this week, I plan to meet up with some other old friends as well. I enjoy the conversations and catching up!

Thanksgiving is obviously a time to say thank you for which everything one is thankful. It’s always good to be grateful every day for what each of us has and not to dwell on what we don’t. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and the list is quite extensive. Instead, I decided to try and write down 100 different things in my life that make me happy, or have made me happy in the past. Sometimes when I’m down in the dumps I’ll be able to reread this list and hopefully bring myself back up. It’ll be here to remind me that it’s a pretty good journey so far.

  1. Reading a good novel
  2. Writing down my thoughts and adventures
  3. Talking with my friends
  4. Walking my dog
  5. Listening to the Earthbound soundtrack
  6. Playing Animal Crossing
  7. Stargazing
  8. Practicing Mandarin Chinese (中文)
  9. Practicing Japanese (日本語)
  10. Drinking hot green tea
  11. Drinking a hot cup of coffee
  12. Playing Pokémon
  13. Talking with my boyfriend
  14. Travelling to new places
  15. Seeing the sunset

    The most magnificent sunset I have ever seen. This was in Alishan (阿里山) in Taiwan, and later we woke up at 4am to go watch the sunrise in the mountains too.
  16. Watching the sunrise
  17. Paddling dragonboat
  18. Having a lazy day once in a while
  19. Being able to sleep in
  20. Having plans for the near future
  21. Taking a hot shower
  22. Making friends with a cat
  23. Cuddling with my boyfriend
  24. Catching up with an old friend
  25. Petting a friendly dog
  26. Finding a dress that looks nice on me
  27. Going on a nice jog
  28. Being complimented for my hard work
  29. Baking beer bread
  30. Buying books
  31. Collecting stuffed toys

    A collection of stuffed toys of which I am proud.
  32. Watching nature documentaries
  33. Sleeping when there’s a thunderstorm
  34. Watching the rain fall
  35. Watching the snow fall
  36. Building a snowman
  37. Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves
  38. Walking through the cherry blossoms during the springtime

    Pink petals resembled snow as they fell in Jeju, South Korea.
  39. Watching 30 Rock
  40. Doodling in my notebook
  41. Hiking
  42. Seeing the view from the top of the mountain
  43. Eating a delicious meal
  44. Drinking bubble tea
  45. Watching movies I love
  46. Getting a free latte because of a promotion
  47. Having my boyfriend cook for me
  48. Riding my bike
  49. Playing cards with my grandpa
  50. Dreaming at night
  51. The smell of freshly baked bread
  52. Waking up in the morning and not being tired
  53. Baking cake and cookies
  54. Going to the library to browse for books
  55. Returning home after a long trip
  56. Hearing my grandpa’s stories
  57. Watching TV with my grandma
  58. Yelling at the contestants on Wheel of Fortune
  59. The Golden Girls
  60. Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing on a mountain in Vancouver, it was a beautiful day to do a 4km hike.
  61. Taking photographs
  62. Birdwatching
  63. Knowing that I’m loved
  64. Knowing that I have someone to love
  65. Winning a game Civ5
  66. Doing well on a test
  67. Lighting candles
  68. A nice breeze on a warm day
  69. Waking up in the morning with a sense of meaning
  70. Learning a new fact
  71. Sucessfully making origami cranes
  72. Playing video games with my boyfriend
  73. Watching fireworks
  74. Buying presents for someone
  75. Receiving presents
  76. Making my parents happy
  77. Reading Yotsubato (よつばと)

    I’ve shown my complete collection of Yotsubato before, but here it again in all its glory!
  78. Wonderful memories
  79. A warm blanket and a comfy bed
  80. Sending mail to someone
  81. Receiving a letter in the mail
  82. Reading a card written for me
  83. The feeling of completion after cleaning my room
  84. Moonlight through my window
  85. Falling asleep in my boyfriend’s arms
  86. Remembering something that I wanted to remember
  87. Flipping through my old photo albums
  88. Wearing a pretty outfit
  89. Looking at flowers

    Pad Thai Poutine, beautiful flowers, and a beaver tail truck in the background. True happiness in one photo.
  90. Taking my bra off after a long day
  91. Reading poetry
  92. Writing cards for my loved ones
  93. Safely arriving at my destination
  94. Puns
  95. Watching fish swim
  96. Making to-do lists
  97. Fresh grass in-between my toes
  98. Bunnies
  99. Hearing birdsongs
  100. Making other people happy

This is an interesting exercise to do. I am truly thankful for all of the one hundred items on this list. It allowed me to reflect and think about what makes me happy and for what I am grateful. It turns out there’s a lot! It was difficult at first, I got stuck around twenty. As the day went on I just came back and kept adding more and more. Eventually I thought I would go beyond one hundred, but decided to stop there. It’s a good solid number. Although I think a bit of my list is repetitive or similar to one another, I feel each item deserves its own place.

I hope everyone can name at least a few things they are appreciative of in their life. Try it out for yourself and see if you can make it to one hundred.




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