The Journey of Writing

I have always admired writers; they are able to simply use words to create complex images and provoking thoughts. Some may struggle, some find it easy to convey their thoughts, but regardless their words live forever. Written language is an incredible skill that humans have developed. The ability to convey stories and ideas to multiple readers which then evokes emotions and further opinions is amazing. It is incredible how history can be shared once all of the people who were witness have passed on, or people can be exposed to new concepts and new worlds. Mythology has spread in ancient times through pictures and ancient languages carved into stone or written down on paper for future generations to know and learn of their past glory and their failures. Literacy is a powerful tool which can take individuals and communities out of primitive or local knowledge and then be able to provide a global perspective. Notes can be written, signs can be erected, and generations can write their ideas and spread their imaginative stories to inspire others to be writers. Future life will know of this time’s legends and events through digital and printed newspapers, articles, and books. I guess memes, tweets, and facebook posts will count as written thoughts as well when our generation is studied, either by aliens or by our great great grandchildren. It’d be unfortunate if all they found were Harambe memes and 50 Shades of Grey. I’m embarrassed for that potential future timeline already…

My favourite forms of writing include fictional stories. Books have always been controversial as some are known for spreading debatable and vulgar views. However, without these, humanity would have never evolved passed their safety nets, knowing only what was told from one person to the next. Literacy can spread knowledge, whether faith or scientific facts. For example, one of my favourite books is A Clockwork Orange. It is written in a unique slang. The book explores many themes in a violent manner including whether you can be human without your free will, teenage rebellion, and the end of the story, is it justifiable to torture a criminal for the greater good. Many of these themes are ideas I never would have thought of on my own accord, and definitely not in such an interesting and unique way. George Orwell wrote about the totalitarian government and how we should fear what we hate. His story 1984 even depicted a world where language was suppressed so people could not fully convey all of their thoughts and opinions. In Animal Farm, the illiterate animals were taken advantage of because they could not read the rules inscribed by the pigs. Books are able to be the medium that artists can use to take people on journeys to their own world(s), let people into their point of view, and to let them experience the same dreams. It also lets others be aware of their own surroundings and environment. They are creativity, art, and life in a physical form.

Some books that I’ve read back in 2015 and enjoyed, except for Name of the Wind.

I have always enjoyed writing my daily life down in a journal along with personal views on things. However, it has never been consistent. I wrote sparsely with a lot of time between each session. It had always been private too, except for a while I had a tumblr on which I wrote sometimes. Nevertheless, the only way to improve writing is to keep at it, practice is necessary as well as discipline. Here I’m going to write weekly. That is my goal. And any day is good to start, so why not today! I’ll try to write about stories or poems or events that have passed or will pass. I’ll write about my opinions too, or my journey to find out where and how I fit in this world. I want to be able to say that I am a writer. Or at the very least am trying.

Maybe I should work on my handwriting and doodles too…



One thought on “The Journey of Writing

  1. I’m glad you started blogging. I’ve always enjoyed reading your comments on your instagram photos. Looking forward to your weekly posts! 🙂


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